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The value of retreats

We know that you need time for yourself, to allow mind, body and spirit to restore, relax and rejuvenate. 

Lochside Yoga retreats allow the stress and anxieties of daily work and family life to dissolve. We all need to take a break to keep ourselves well. Planning holidays can also be stressful, but here at Lochside Yoga, we take care of all the hard work and planning as most of the organising is done for you. All you have to do is arrange and book your flights, or whichever form of transport you choose to use. If that deems too daunting, your flights can be arranged and booked on your behalf. 

Give yourself a 'Recharge'

Just being able to anticipate a relaxing break away from home can give you a boost, and help you get to your retreat without being in a state of collapse! Of course, any time away from your usual routine can be good for you, but just thinking about being in a gorgeous setting - doing yoga - is one of the best ways you can support yourself against everyday stress and tension. Research has shown that people who visited a spa or yoga retreat reported feeling significantly more creative, energetic, and focused as well as better able to make decisions and handle challenges than those who hadn't. In fact, the ideal combination for your health and well being is having time in the right place to enjoy nature, exercise, mindful activities, eating healthily.

Whether in the wonderful settings of Scotland, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Shropshire, or further afield to the Algarve, Andalucia, Seville, or in the Abruzzo region of Italy, Lochside Yoga retreats allow you time to unwind and de-stress. You can spend time on your own, catch up on sleep and rest, maybe to contemplate what you do or where you go next in your life, or you can just hang out with your fellow yogis, your new found friends. When you relax totally, you create time and space to allow yourself to become aware of what is important and what is not important, so which ever way you choose to spend your time, it helps you deal with the life that you have, back at home.

Yoga, relaxation  and meditation are the backbone of a lifestyle that is meaningful and manageable. So if you feel guilty or stressed or about needing time for yourself - don't! Everyone around you gets the benefit of you feeling good and in control of your life, not just you. Whatever it costs, it is worth it! Here at Lochside Yoga, we aim always to keep our retreats affordable and in our view, they are some of the best value yoga holidays around. Don't just take our word, here are some testimonials from our clients who have come on previous retreats. Nice things people have said...