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Special Offers

2017 Special Offers:


Specially for you: Personalised and Private sessions.

Bespoke sessions created specially for you. Sessions start from £45. Please enquire if you would like some quality time to develop your yoga or to relax with a calming Metta massage.  

Book 2 sessions of an hour or more, get £10 off total price.


Yoga bits and bobs

All prices for the following  yoga accessories are correct as from NOVEMBER 2017.  

Not much left now, just a few eye pillows, a couple of lovely mat bags and blocks. Be quick before they all go!  


Eye Pillow £6


Choice of pink, orange, purple, lilac, blue or sea green. Use this while you relax, you'll find it helps you ‘drop’ into a deeper state of relaxation a little more quickly. The pillows block out all light, so are great to help you to get to sleep and for daytime relaxation. They have removable, washable cotton covers and you can drop some essential essence on the inner bag for a truly personal experience. They make handy wee pressies for your yoga buddies!

Yoga Mat Bag from £15 

Beautifully crafted by a local seamstress in Scotland, your mat bag will be big enough to carry your blanket and a change of clothes and other bits and pieces too, with an inner purse for keys, change and tissues! Handmade to order from 100% sturdy cotton, suitable for machine washing at 40 deg. Will fit up to a 60cm wide mat, choice of patterns and colours available. Photos coming soon, meanwhile please enquire for description of material and sizes.

 Yoga Brick and blocks, from £3.50 -£6.

Half Blocks £3.50 or 2 for £6. Bricks and Blocks £6 or 2 for £10


The bricks and blocks are great for bringing the ground to you, in a variety of poses.  You can put a brick between your thighs in Navasana to improve core strenth and muscle tone. Blocks help support the lower back whilst sitting for a while, if your hips are very stiff, or pop one, two or three under your back for a Supported Bridge pose, The half blocks re light and easy to transport, good for supporting the head/hips/small of the back in supine positions and for giving a little lift in seated poses. Great for using as insulation against cold floors! Purple only. 


Gift vouchers ~ start at £15


These start from £15 and can be of any value upwards. They can be exchanged for any Lochside Yoga classes, massage sessions, part or all payment for Lochside Yoga workshops and retreats, any full price yoga goodies and packages on sale. 

Yoga classes start from £7.50, individual yoga or massage sessions from £45.

The vouchers make excellent gifts for your friends and family (especially your yoga buddies) and can be redeemed within 12 months of purchase.