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Metta Massage

Gillian is a qualified massage therapist, she calls her style of massage 'Metta Massage' and offers a Full Body Massage in a two hour session.

Shorter sessions are available, these focus on specific aspects of the body, for example Head, Neck and Shoulders; Legs and Back; Feet, Legs and Hands; Back and Head; Hands, Arms and Shoulders.  Metta Massage is usually combined with a short mindfulness exercise and a still and peaceful relaxation.

What is Metta Massage?

Gillian's style of massage is influenced by her training and experience with Thai Yoga therapists. Her approach is supported by the healing qualities of the breath, always compassionate and she offers touch with kindness - Metta. She uses acupressure points and gentle assisted stretching to create a therapeutic and healing massage. The experience enables you to totally relax and helps to restore your energy levels. Her aim is to leave you feeling with an overall feeling of a sense of well-being and balance.

The massage takes place on a padded mat or futon on the floor, or top of a bed. You stay fully clothed in loose, comfortable clothes.

A combination of gentle pressure and acu-pressure, using palms, thumbs and fingers to warm and relax the muscles, assists you to gain a deeper stretch, allowing the deep muscle tissue that you may not be able to stretch on your own to be worked. This releases stiffness and tightness around joints and you are then gently moved into yoga-like positions that may be familiar to you. Your muscles and body tissues get a deep stretch and this helps to release any 'stuckness', allowing your energy to flow naturally throughout your body. This in turn allows you to relax. 

The benefits of Metta Massage include increased flexibility, improved circulation, restored vitality and relaxation. It can help you manage your stress levels and create a feeling of well-being.  Metta Massage is particularly helpful for sore or stiff hips, lower back or sciatic pain, tightness around shoulders and neck, as well as offering some relief from the symptoms of conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, as well as to name but a few. If you are receiving treatment for cancer, lacking in energy, feeling fatigued, this might just help you feel a bit better. 

A full body massage lasts 2 hours and costs from £40 per hour, but you can choose from the 'menu' of shorter massages, or specify what you need, with the time or money you have available. 


Clients say they feel the beneficial impact of this style of massage, with feedback ranging from

"I like not having to get undressed" to "..the shorter sessions allow me to spread the benefit of my massages out over a period of time, and make it very affordable" and "I love the full body massage and the fact that each one is a bit different. Gillian's massage is sensitive and intuitive, and I feel that I get the healing treatment where I need it".


Gillian offers her Metta Massage in her comfortable yoga room, or in your own home. If neither is convenient, the massage can be arranged at a venue near you, but there will be an extra charge for this. If you have your massage in the morning, you will be sure to have a lovely day, and if you have a massage in the afternoon or evening it will help you get a better nights sleep.